Probabilistic Programming Primer

Level up your Data Science skills - Learn Probabilistic Programming
An Introduction to Probabilistic Programming
29 mins
A modern Bayesian Workflow.pdf
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Slack Channel Link
Github Repository for code
Hands on introduction to PyMC3
How do I install PyMC3?
How do I do Bayesian AB Testing? - Probabilistic Programming Primer -
Probabilistic Programming Primer: Bayesian Changepoint Detection
184 KB
Case Study 1- Bayesian_Changepoint_Detection.ipynb
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How to build a Logistic Regression model the Bayesian way
10 mins
Puppy Steps
7 mins
What is PyMC3 and how do I get started?
1. Introduction to PyMC3.ipynb
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ppp_intro_to_pymc3_2 Edited.mp4
2 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_1 Edited.mp4
5 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_3 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_4 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_intro_to_pymc3_5 Edited.mp4
10 mins
What is MCMC?
2. Markov Chain Monte Carlo.ipynb
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ppp_mcmc_1 Edited.mp4
5 mins
ppp_mcmc_2 Edited.mp4
8 mins
ppp_mcmc_3 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_mcmc_4 Edited.mp4
5 mins
ppp_mcmc_5 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_mcmc_6 Edited.mp4
4 mins
Introduction to Theano
3. Theano.ipynb
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ppp_intro_to_theano_1 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_intro_to_theano_2 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_intro_to_theano_3 Edited.mp4
7 mins
ppp_intro_to_theano_4 Edited.mp4
8 mins
ppp_intro_to_theano_5 Edited.mp4
5 mins
Hierarchical Models (Multilevel models)
7 mins
12 mins
3 mins
19 mins
Model building with PyMC3
Model Building with PyMC3.ipynb
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ppp_model_building_1 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_model_building_2 Edited.mp4
10 mins
ppp_model_building_3 Edited.mp4
9 mins
ppp_model_building_4 Edited.mp4
16 mins
Other Probabilistic Programming Languages and Tools
17 mins
14 mins
15 mins